Commercial debt collection services
Corporate Debt Collection Services
Our Method

We deliver a prompt, professional and persuasive debt recovery service to ensure you achieve the maximum return from you debtors.

Debt collection services

Corporate Debt Collection Services

Complete Debt Recovery Services

If you have been unsuccessful in trying to recover the unpaid debts of your organization through your traditional internal methods, or if you simply require the assistance required for a legal approach to debt collection, we can help. If you have anywhere between 1 and 1000 unpaid accounts every month Debt Collection Singapore can provide the assistance you need to get back into the black!

We provide a comprehensive range of debt recovery services that include:

Commercial debt recovery
We attempt to recover 100% of the outstanding debts that are owed to you, including complete documentation of all communications and exchanges with the debtor. We handle the entire process to ensure a streamlined service, everything from letters of demand to payment options for your debtors.
Outsourced credit control services
To undertake litigation proceedings, it is required that a debtor is given specific legal documents in person. For a number of understandable reasons, you may not wish to do this yourself, or your simply may not have time to deliver it to them in person; we can handle this important task for you or your business, including tracing the debtor and serving them with legal documents personally.
Receivables Management
Using a range of resources at our disposal, including government agency databases and business systems, we can pinpoint the nonpayers responsible for your debts and direct your recovery claim in the most effective way possible.
Pre Year-End sales ledger audit

In the cases where your debtor is proving difficult to locate, due to the fact they are no longer a resident at the address given to you, we can locate them for you. There’s no reason why you should be disadvantaged because of an unintentional or deliberate shortage of communication on their behalf. We will find your nonpayers and ensure their unpaid debts are resolved.

The aforementioned assistances are the most effective and successful strategies we provide at Debt Collection Singapore. If you’re debt cannot be recovered using these facilities, we can turn up the heat on our recovery process by including the following:

  • Letters of demand
  • Telephone demands
  • Litigation Services
  • Process Serving / Personal visitations
  • Debtor Location Services (Individuals, Businesses, Agencies, etc.)

As well as providing effective debt recovery services for outstanding debts and unpaid accounts, Debt Collection Singapore also offer a range of additional services to ensure you are not disadvantaged by slow or non-payers. Our professional account management and credit control activities are focused on bringing your indebted customers back into line with your ordinary trading activities. We achieve this by recognizing the problems preventing payment of your accounts and work tirelessly to customize a solution that will allow you to obtain your debts in a timely and successful manner. Our comprehensive debt consolidation services help resolve disputes in a quick and favorable manner, delivering the essential cash-flow required for your business.

Some of the amazing benefits we can provide you or your organization, include:

  • Huge savings on recovery costs through the collection of unpaid debts without the requirement of costly and time-consuming legal action. We resort to litigation on less than 5% of cases we undertake
  • Our unrivaled service and support is managed by professionals with years of experience in the debt recovery industry. The best in the business will recover your debts, ensuring the success of your campaign.
  • Cost-effective solution. We provide the most affordable debt collection and loss recovery services in Singapore.
  • We produce the most successful results for our clients, maximizing the return of unpaid debts. No one else can deliver the results we can, which will exceed your expectations and get your unpaid debts back in your pocket sooner.

Our Method

At Debt Collection Singapore, we deliver a prompt, professional and persuasive debt recovery service to ensure you achieve the maximum return from you debtors. The advantages of using are simple. We will recover your unpaid debts, and develop strategies to ensure your business doesn’t end up in the same position again.

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